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Guarding Solutions Our range of Guarding Solutions
Contract Guarding Services: Our security guards are handpicked for their abilities and work ethics. They are put through a rigorous training programme at our well equipped in-house training Academy. The training encompasses a range of skills such as visitor and vendor management, material flow management, fire fighting, carrying out security and evacuation drills, use of hand held metal detectors and first aid, in additionn to physical conditioning and drill. This results in highly trained security guards with a customer friendly disposition. Once deployed, regular refresher training is provided on a regular basis to ensure that a high level of preparedness is maintained at all times.
This field is diverse and we have several modules. Specialized training is imparted to guards who are to be deployed in malls, hospitals, hotels, industries, schools, home etc. Training differs in nature for each segment. However, all guards are trained in drill, discipline, frisking, observation, first aid, fire, electronic and other security equipment along with a host of other aspects so that they are well equipped to deal with any eventuality. We also a trained cadre of lady guards to fulfill the specific requirements of our clients.
Hotel Guards
With several years of experience in this industry we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the Hospitality Industry. Drawing on this knowledge base, we have designed a special curriculum "Guards". Our "Guards" are trained to be courteous, well informed about the property they are deployed, besides catering to specific needs of the industry.
Bomb detection and search techniques
A specialized faculty has been drawn from bomb detection squads of the Army and Paramilitary forces and have been provided with the best training possible in bomb detection and search techniques.
Commercial Spaces
We have beenn training security guards for high and corporate training. They go through the highest level of training before we deploy them to their posts.
Personal Security Officers
These are retired Army and Parsonned who have been trained in closer quarter protection. Selected for their experience, skills and discretion they protect high net worth individua(s).
Telecom Secure (Mobile Phone Towers)
These guards have been specially trained to safeguard this particular environment.
School Security
Maintaining security of a school is an uphill task. One has to keep a vigil over hundreds of children. Our guards are well equipped to handle children and are trained in child psychosis. They also have been trained to control traffic in an efficient manner.
SPDP-Secure Premises Diplomat Protection (Embassy)
This is an elite force drawn from the Army and Paramilitary forces. These personnel have been in close quarter protection, trained in different environments and are suitably equipped for the assignment.
Sesurity for Special Events
We also provide our guarding services for social events such as fashion shows, exhibition, sporting events etc.
Residential Areas
Specially trained security guards for residence are appropriately instructed to provide security at homes. Once deployed these guards are fully dependable.
Mall Guards
Specially trained protection in high population areas such as large malls. All of our Mall Guards go through an intensive training process, which is based on the Mall they are to be deployed in. These guards also undergo intensive training at the Mall so that they are well acquainted with the surroundings and the layout. Training in fire fighting, first aid, handling of security equipment and other basics are part of their training.
Hospital Security
Hospital Guards are trained to be vigilant, courteous and prompt in addition to being well versed with the layout and facilities of the hospital before being deployed. Any patient walking in or being brought in an ambulance will be immediately assisted and guided by a guard. This training makes our guards hospital guards and not mere security guards.
The following are the services SAHARA is currently providing
» Securities services, ARMED and UNARMED guards, Housekeeping & Facility Services
» Industrial Security
» Electronic security Systems
» Event Management, Parking Management
» Bouncers
» Manpower Outsourcing
» Detective Services
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